Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1

Hi, it's Jennie again. Emilee is still having a hard time and under a lot of pain medication. It's been difficult to watch her suddenly struggle so much. For those who visited 7 or 8 days ago, you know she was able to receive visitors and talk for a long time. I was sharing a Barbacoa chicken wrap and folding laundry with her 9 days ago and talking about life, family, etc. for hours. But the past few days she is really struggling and is resting a lot. Thank you to those who are fasting and praying for her and her family today.

On a brighter note, David told me she craved her favorite Roxberry Mango Madness smoothie on Saturday and was able to have a little that.

The family has expressed a few things that neighbors, ward members, and extended relatives can help out with. Call the Ellis home to make arrangements. Here are a few ideas:
-Invite the boys over after school to play games, hang out, go on a activity, etc.
-Invite the boys over after school and help them out with homework.
-The boys have membership to the American Fork recreation center and could use a ride over and supervision while they participate in activities there.

For those of you who like to cook, here are some food suggestions:
-After school type snacks or quick breakfast type things you can grab and go like healthy muffins, banana bread, pumpkin bread, or really anything you make and want to share extra with (especially something that can be freezed and used later). The family really has enjoyed the desserts but their waistlines have suggested perhaps something a little healthier if possible. :-)

Your words of support through posting on this blog, writing a note, sending a e-mail, or talking to David, Brenton, Jonny, and Nathan really help them feel loved. Keep it up and thank you again for it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Jenny for keeping you all posted on Emilee's deteriorating condition. She now spends ALL the time in bed, most of it sleeping. Thanks to the Hospice nurse, I think we finally have the pain medications scheduled to make her comfortable nearly all the time. As Jenny said, the high doses also cause her to be unable to carry on a coherent conversation much of the time.

Thanks to you all for your love and support over the months since Emilee started this blog. She may no longer be able to read the comments, but the rest of the family get strength from all your wonderful words.

Bonnie Dolberg - blessed to be Emilee's mother

Anonymous said...

I would love to have Nathan over this week after school to help with homework and to play with my son Caleb. We are right next door. Is there a need to pick the boys up from school? I can do that as well. Please let me know what days would be good. I can do any or all days this week. Call me at 801-787-9850 and we can set it up.
Love to Emilee, David, Brenton,Jonathan & Nathan.
Christi Gudmundson

Daniel D. said...

Thanks (publicly) to my mother for first caring for her ailing mother-in-law as she passed from this earth, and then for her aging parents, and now for her ailing daughter. One paves the road to their own final destination with the kindnesses they give to others. The same goes for all of you who have selflessly stepped in to render service and care to my sister's family. You're all angels. Minus the wings.

Thanks to my father for keeping his strong face on, for the family's sake, for Emilee's sake. Just remember, you don't need to carry the burden that can come with keeping such a face through these hardships. It's going to be okay.

Thanks to Jenny for her friendship with Emilee and being as much of a sister to Emilee as she's ever had, and for being a saint in her behalf. We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our rag-tag family, overladen with males in our family as we are....

Thanks to Amadee for continuing the flow of kind words and thoughtful wishes to Emilee. He's a great man -- I've thought so since the day I met him. He can't hide it, though I'm sure he tries. I wish you could all see his smile -- it's truly infectious.

I found out today from a member of my ward during the gospel doctrine class he was teaching that he has been diagnosed with throat cancer, which could potentially be incurable and non-treatable. Time will tell for sure. It is very hard watching people I admire and care for being afflicted by such traumatic, life-altering illnesses. I am married to a woman who went through some of the worst pain imaginable by losing her first husband to a plane crash. I wonder, who is next? With so many pains being felt by those close to me, I wonder if the next person to be afflicted is myself. It seems that no one is immune to the harshest of realities here on earth, and that fact very easily inspires the worst of fears.

I taught a class today from Elder Uchdorf's most recent conference talk on HOPE. I won't go into details here, but the main idea is that hope combats the ills that can canker a soul if we allow our faith to dwindle. It seemed to resonate so much with the situation within our family that I spoke about Emilee quite a long time.

I am comforted by the fact that my mother's parents are already waiting to receive Emilee, as well as so many others from throughout the generations who have passed. They will welcome her to the next stage of life. Emilee has always lived her life at breakneck speed -- those of you who've known her for a long time know just what I mean. It seems that she's just graduating to the next level sooner than we all think she ought to, but there's no stopping her. Her spirit will bound off into the new possibilities as soon as she's moved past her limitations here. That's hard for the rest of us to fathom, but will be a joy to her soon enough.

Perhaps I speak out of turn, this being a blog that looks towards life and the support of that cause, but I see death as just another phase of life. It'll come to each of us -- to some earlier, to some later, but always right on time -- in the Lord's time.

David and Kids -- hang in there. I haven't felt the loss you're feeling, but having experienced it through my wife's eyes, I know of its depth.

-- Daniel

Judi said...

Emilee & Family: I wanted to let you know what a strength and builder of faith you have been for myself and our family. Watching you do this 'hard' thing is one more way that I have felt my own faith 'stretched'. I know that it is only thru these 'stretching' times that I can learn to have my testimony of Jesus Christ penetrate every aspect of my life. (As much as I don't always enjoy these divine tutorials!)

Your bravery, dignity and consistent plodding thru this trial have touched me, inspired me and strengthened me. Thank you. I look forward to a continued friendship in the life to come. With warmest hugs and prayers. Judi Sears

Michael said...


We pray that the Lord will be merciful and that you will be wrapped up in his loving arms during these difficult times.

To David and the boys - know that we love you and that we are praying for you.

To Bonnie and Glen We love you and our hearts go out to you.

Love Ron and Sandy

laurie said...

I just want to say how much I admire all of the many people who have helped Emilee in any way. I am in awe of Emilee's parents, my sister Jennie, and my own parents (Emilee's parents' in-law). I am especially in awe of my brother David and David and Emilee's sons; Brenton, Jonathan, and Nathan. They are the ones that we will soon need to be focusing on when they lose their beloved wife and mother.

I also want to say to Daniel that what he wrote was very appropriate and well-said, quite beautiful and true.

God bless each one of you as we all mourn Emilee's failing health and eventual death. As has been said, Emilee will be just fine, better than fine! She will be so happy in the presence of the Lord and with others whom she loves. I know that this is especially hard for those of us she is leaving behind-- I am most mindful of Glen and Bonnie, and of Emilee's husband and boys.

It is my hope that we all (including myself) will continue to support this wonderful family in any way that we can.

Laurie (proud to be Emilee's sister-in-law)

Anonymous said...

As I was praying this past week that Emilee would be able to clearly understand Heavenly Father's will for her and that she would feel comforted as she made her decision, I could feel Heavenly Father's love for Emilee and David and their sons, and was reminded that He and our Savior are both aware of this beautiful family and are tenderly watching over them. Clearly that tenderness has come through the hands of all of you who have blessed Emilee and David and their family during this difficult time.
Bless you.

Danese (Emilee's Cousin)

Anonymous said...

I lost my mother from cancer when I was 11 years old. It is truely rough. For the boys it shows how wonderful of a father he is when my mother passed our parents were divorced and he didnt want his children. Stay close, from reading your Emilys story I see a sweet sweet family. Always cherish the moments you have. Stay close to Christ and he will bless you. Kaylene

Elaine said...

Thank you dear friends and family. Each day I am with Emilee her room is filled with a sacred feeling and the sweet aura about her tells me she is closer to Heaven and in a transition. Last night Laurie, David and their children came briefly. Emilee was alert enough to recognize each young niece and smiled as they read the cards they made for her which were filled with love and memories of their experiences with their beloved aunt. As David, the boys and Len and I (David's parents) knelt around her bed last night with nightly scriptures -- David uttered a beautiful family prayer. In that prayer he was impressed to say that the state she is presently in is to prepare her spirit for leaving her earthly body and to also prepare us for a sweet parting. We are so greatful to Heavenly Father and excellent medical care that she is comfortable and surrounded by so much love.

Our heart breaks for David and the boys and we will be close to them now and after Emilee's passing so that they will have loving family to help them in every way. We are so greatful for Bonnie, Glen, Chrissy and their extended family for all the love and care they have given our sweet David and Emilee Ellis family. I was so touched by Daniel's words in the blog -- his love for his sister. Jennie has been a true "sister" to Emilee and served her in every way. Our love to Greg, David's brother for his continuing service.

Sister Jolley, the R.S. ward President continues what has been years of directing service from all the ward friends to our family in true angel-like ways. We are so grateful. Thank you to all who have written and called us -- we have been uplifted with your faith and prayers.

Much love,
Elaine & Len Ellis (David's parents)