Sunday, March 15, 2009

Funeral Program

Below is the funeral program. A neighbor in their ward sketched the photo of Christ for Emilee and her family. I will find out the name to give proper credit soon. I'm going down to help out tomorrow to make sure David and the boys are fed well and have clean laundry :-). Coming soon will be an audio file of the funeral and various slideshows on the right hand side of this column. -Jennie Kilstrom


Glen said...

Dear Jennie, FAMILY, and all our FRIENDS,

THANK YOU is obviously too weak of an expression to tell fully our deep gratitude for all your kindness and caring.

Jennie in particular deserves great gratitude not only from us but from everyone who has benefited by this blog since she was its creator and she has been the one to help Emilee maintain it!

We also THANK Jennie individually because she in many ways is stepping in and has now stepped in to function in many ways as surrogate Mom for Emilee's boys. They are our grandsons and we LOVE them dearly. We want them to become MEN equal to their MOTHER!

No words, no actions, and no amount of material things can replace Emilee in our lives, but we hold fast to a firm faith in our Savior’s love and in His infinite atonement.

Because our Emilee was indeed a very pure, a very righteous person - and even though she has now painfully departed from her husband and sons, we know that her life in spirit paradise is even better and fuller than was her mortal life on this earth.

THANK YOU again to all you dear ones for supporting us with your concern and with your prayers.

Our most fervent prayer now is that we may all make ourselves worthy to join our Emilee someday in the presence of our Heavenly Father. Our Savior's atonement is indeed free, but it is all too easy to forget that staying together as an eternal family requires personal diligence on the part of each person who seeks those eternal blessings.

All of you who have given so freely and so honestly of yourselves - YOU have NOT superficial but my most sincere, eternal love.

Glen - Emilee's earthly father

LUV5KDZ said...

I want to thank you for sharing more information on the site. What a special day. I know Emilee is so proud of her strong and loving family. May you live every day with your angel and for her.

Bonnie said...

Thanks, Jenny! You are one terrific sister to David, and we all appreciate you so very much. I know you will help him and our grandsons. Can we adopt you?


Anonymous said...

Can only say thank you.
Love Ruth (UK)

Anonymous said...

Being an outsider, having only met Emilee and parents once in this lifetime...I want to thank all that are still making entries to keep us up to date and a part of what is happening. Jennie, you are doing a tremendous job and I appreciate all the entries that you make to keep me informed. My prayers are still with the family and my heart is full of love for all. Thank you again,
Sue Fisk

Steven Rudolph said...

Jennie and family,
Thank You so much for posting the pictures and program. I feel so bad that I could not have been there. I feel like I got to be such a part of your lives for this short time of the blogs. I never met Emilee in this life, but she still inspires me to become better, and have a positive attitude in the trials of life.
Thank You,
Steven and Lynn Rudolph